The Swedish-Brazil Research and Innovation Centre is an international hub for identifying, developing and supporting high-tech R&D projects in a wide range of technology sectors and areas. CISB works on creating fertile environments that foster intense collaboration between industry/market, academia (education and research) and government agencies in Brazil and Sweden in order to solve complex global and social problems.

RISE, the Research Institutes of Sweden, is a unique mobilisation of resources to increase the pace of innovation in our society. By gathering a number of research institutes and over a hundred test beds and demonstration environments under the umbrella of a single innovation partner, RISE creates improved conditions for society’s problem solvers.

VINNOVA is The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. Vinnova helps to build Sweden’s innovation capacity by funding research and innovation projects, but also by coordinating strategic initiatives and collaborating with actors across all sectors.

The Office of Science and Innovation, Brasília, is posted at the Swedish Embassy in Brazil by the Government of Sweden. Their objective is long-term and strategic promotion of Swedish innovation, research and higher education in areas of importance for Sweden. The overall goal is to strengthen Sweden’s global connections to strategic international science, innovation and higher education environments.