The purpose of this call is to support the participation of researchers in the Aerospace Technology 2016 congress and the 4th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics and Defence to be held in Sweden, October 2016, aiming at strengthen and extend the collaboration between Brazilian and Swedish researchers.
Submissions: Mar/11/2016 - Apr/13/2016
Results: Jun/23/2016

Call of Innovation Projects CISB 03 2016
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 03 2016 Template for submission


The Senior Internship Abroad (SIA) is a program with the objectives of developing and/or executing R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) projects, encouragement of partnerships and start/consolidation of an existing research network.

This initiative aims to promote long-term collaboration and promote innovation among institutions of both countries by supporting 1 month internships of Brazilian Senior researchers in Swedish research institutions..

Submissions: May/27/2015 - Sep/1/2015
Results: Oct/26/2015*

* New date for results publishing due to the postponement of the deadline for submissions

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Call of Innovation Projects CISB 02 2015 Review
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 02 2015 - Template for Submission


A 4ª Chamada de Projetos CNPq/CISB/SAAB 42/2014, no âmbito do programa Ciências sem Fronteiras do Governo Federal, oferece 15 bolsas de estudos, sendo 10 para pós-doutorado e cinco para doutorado sanduíche em universidades na Suécia. A chamada é focada na área de Aeronáutica com ênfase em Materiais e Manufatura, Eletrônica, Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação e Sistemas de Engenharia Mecânica.

Para iniciar a interação com os grupos de pesquisa acadêmicos na Suécia, com os pesquisadores da Saab e iniciar a construção de sua proposta, acesse a plataforma colaborativa: até 8/5/2015. 

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Ciência sem Fronteiras: 

The goal of this initiative is to encourage long term collaboration within R&D&I  between Brazilian and Swedish academia and industry, to achieve by knowledge exchange and bilateral collaboration on already funded projects as well as on producing new project proposals in the areas of Sensor fusion & signal processing, Robotics & Diagnosis and Control & system identification.  

Accordingly it is necessary to investigate technological and market areas open for exploitation and continued collaboration. Hence, the consortium needs to consist of member partners both from Sweden and Brazil, as well as academia and industry. The minimum number of partners in the consortium is two, one from each country

Submissions: May/19/2015 - Jun/23/2015
Results: Jul/07/2015

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Call of Innovation Projects CISB 01 2015
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 01 2015 Template for submission

The objective of CISB is to foster the collaboration between Sweden and Brazil through the continuation of ongoing activities or creating new projects involving Guest Researchers contemplated in the call CNPq/CISB/Saab under the Science without Borders program.

The objective of this call is to select proposals to promote partnerships and/or structure collaborative projects through international missions of short duration.

Submission: Nov/10/2014 - Dec/02/2014
Results: Dec/18/2014

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Call of Innovation Projects CISB 02 2014