In March 2012, CISB and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) signed a cooperation agreement, with the aim of developing and strengthening international collaboration in the field of scientific and technological research, through the launch of joint calls for projects. Through a specific agreement signed with Saab AB, post-doctorate and sandwich doctorate scholarships are offered in Sweden for researchers focused on the aeronautical sector.

By now, 6 joint calls have been launched between CISB, CNPq and Saab AB, with a total of 185 project applications and 47 scholarships in Sweden (27 post-doctoral and 20 sandwich doctoral) for researchers from 25 Brazilian institutions and universities. On the Swedish side, 9 universities and research institutes received visiting researchers.

In addition to having the chance to develop their projects at excellent universities in Sweden, the granted researchers were able to carry them out together with Saab AB, acquiring international experience and contributing to industrial innovation through the university-industry relationship.

In addition to a significant academic result, with more than 80 joint scientific publications, the researchers continue their collaboration through initiatives and programs such as STINT-CAPES, Special Visiting Professor CNPq, coordinated call for innovation projects with funding agencies in both countries, partnership between research laboratories in both countries, among others.

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Continuing this successful partnership, in December 2020, CISB, CNPq and Saab AB launched a special call to select project proposals and financially support the mobility of researchers. The aim is to facilitate the connection between researchers from Brazil and Sweden, and to structure collaborative projects between the two countries. This initiative will foster long-term collaborations and promote innovation between Brazilian and Swedish academia, research institute and industry in Artificial Intelligence (technology development or applied technology).

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