An exchange programme is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences between people from all over the world. CISB is a great facilitator of such programmes when it comes to Brazil and Sweden. Through its members and partners, CISB creates a unique opportunity for the mobility of Brazilian students and researchers.

Get to know the Master programmes of CISB's member Swedish universities:

To promote these programmes in Brazilian universities, CISB organises a Roadshow with Swedish universities in different cities in Brazil. The event works as a student fair and the aim is to present Sweden as a destination country for Brazilian students and the opportunities in English master's programmes in the country.

Since its first edition in 2013, the Roadshow has been able to attract more than 3,000 Brazilian students, and visit 25 universities in 15 cities in Brazil. During the event, presentations about Sweden and its education are held, as well as exhibitions from Swedish universities, which are willing to advise students on the requirements of master's programmes, scholarships and other information.

Currently, the Roadshow of Swedish universities in Brazil is organised with the support of the Swedish Consulates in Brazil. To find out more, send a message to

To know more about what it is like to study in Sweden, check out Marcela's testimonial in the video below:

foto Marcela study

Marcela Miranda Francisco
Linköping University

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