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An exchange program is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between people in Brazil and Sweden. CISB is a great facilitator, promoter and articulator of these programs by means of its members and partners that generate unique opportunities for the mobility of Brazilian students and researchers.

Some of the activities to promote such programmes are:

Swedish universities road show around Brazil

CISB organizes annual visits of Swedish universities in Brazilian universities to introduce master degree courses and the Science without Borders Program in Sweden.

Brazil – Sweden challenge

Online platform that launches challenges and promotes an intense marketing by means of social media that target graduate students from Brazilian universities. This initiative is developed in Partnership with CISB’s members to promote Sweden to Brazilian students.

Science without Borders: partnership between CNPq and CISB

CISB has had a partnership agreement with CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) since 2012. It states that Saab AB has offered 100 scholarships for post-graduate courses within the program. Since 2012, there have been launched different calls by CISB, CNPq and Saab AB.

34 scholarships in Sweden have already been granted to researchers from 16 universities in Brazil.

Brazilian researchers that were contemplated had the chance to develop their projects in excellence Swedish universities as well as do internship and participate in research projects performed at Saab AB, thus acquiring experience in the relationship between industry and academy, one of the main characteristics of the successful Swedish innovation model.

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