Executive Innovation Management Course (EIMC)

CISB offers the Executive Innovation Management Course comprising six modules, four in Sweden and two in Brazil. Total duration is 6 weeks.

The course is organized by Linköping University and the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Center (CISB) in cooperation with Swedish Armed Forces and Swedish Defence Industry.

The goal for this course is spreading knowledge and share experiences made by Swedish Armed Forces, academia and industry and the directors are the following experts: Per Åman (Linköping University), Stefan Andersson (Saab AB) and Mats Olofsson (ret Colonel from the Swedish Armed Forces).

The course has already had three editions, counting on the presence of 33 participants, with great emphasis on the Brazilian Army. From this training, a great contribution was given to the Project of Transformation of the System of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Army, which is already putting in practice the knowledge acquired through the course.

Access the article below to see the testimonials of the participants.

» Article "A look into the future"

For more information on the Executive Innovation Management Course, please, access de flyer below or send an email to contact@cisb.org.br.

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