Cooperation Brazil Sweden

The relations between Sweden and Brazil go back in time and have developed over the years. In 1822, when Brazil declared its independence, Sweden already had a Consul General working in the country.

In 2009, Sweden and Brazil signed a strategic partnership and the Bilateral Agreement for Cooperation in the areas of innovation and high industrial technology. This partnership took an important step forward when Brazil, in October 2014, decided to purchase the Swedish Gripen NG fighter jet system. The Gripen project consists of a strategic industrial relationship between Sweden and Brazil for the next 25-30 years and involves cooperation in a wide range of sectors, not limited to defence. Gripen cooperation will also bring human capital exchanges for both countries.

In recent years, the Gripen project has strengthened this partnership and produced broad results beyond the area of defence equipment. Sweden and Brazil have also entered into an innovation partnership with several new opportunities for scientific cooperation, and there are good prospects for further deepening the strategic partnership, not only in terms of digitalisation and automation, but also in the areas of urban development, mining, sustainable forestry, ICT and health.

In 2015, Sweden and Brazil inaugurated the High-Level Group in Aeronautics (HLG) and in 2016 the Steering Group of Innovation (SGI) between the Swedish Ministries of Enterprise and Innovation (MEI) and the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). The aim of the HLG and SGI is to create favourable conditions for the implementation of strategic partnerships. Five major areas of concentration have been chosen: Aeronautics, Life Sciences, Smart Cities, Sustainable Mining and Bioeconomy.

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