Akaer, ITA and Lulea University are new members of CISB

According to Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB, the entry of the three new members are aligned with the goals of the institution in attracting more institutions to carry out joint projects in research, development and innovation (R,D&I) in the aviation industry of both countries. "CISB is coordinating the creation of an agenda of R, D & I in aeronautics and defense and, therefore, is connecting different actors of the Brazilian and Swedish innovation system in these areas and the entry of these new members come to collaborate with the initiative" account.

"ITA is a key university in aerospace and defense, while Akaer Engenharia is a Brazilian company recognized by the knowledge and technology that holds these sectors," she says. "Luleå University is a Swedish institution with emphasis on research in logistics and aircraft maintenance and expertise in technologies for iron ore exploration at great depths," she adds.

Open Innovation - With the entry of the ITA, Akaer and Lulea, CISB now has a total of 17 members. These are companies and institutions with an interest in their fields - aerospace, transportation and logistics, defense and security, and sustainable energy and urban development - and its operating model. "CISB works as an open innovation arena, seeking to identify, attract, develop and support projects R, D & I in these areas," says Alessandra Holmo. "Our team acts as a facilitator, catalyst and manager of collaborative network of its members and partners," she adds.

Currently, CISB has as members the Akaer company, Clavister, SAAB, Scania and Volvo Cars, and the following research institutes and universities: Chalmers University, Halmstad University, ITA, Innventia, Linkoping University, Luleå University of Technology, Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology, SENAI, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Franhoufer Chalmers.