CISB and ITA promote workshop in Aeronautics and Defence

            The workshop will be attended by university researchers and representatives of both countries companies. Only for projects under study, the discussion will bring together 14 companies and 18 universities. "This workshop is a result of the first meeting, held last November, when there were several collaborative project ideas. Since then, several international missions were undertaken for the structuring of projects designed at that time, "says Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB. “Now the goal is to present the results of these studies, share experiences, and map the necessary support for the implementation of projects.”

For the interim rector of ITA, Fernando Toshinori Sakane, Brazil and Sweden have proven complementary when observing the strategic objectives of RD & I in aeronautics and defence. "Sweden is a very open country cooperation, ensuring the best prospects in terms of collaborative projects", he says. "There are effective procedures for technology transfer between institutions and companies, which opens up opportunities in science, innovation and also new business," she adds.

The workshop schedule will also feature presentations on the innovation system and funding opportunities in both countries. There will also be a lecture by aeronautical engineer Petter Krus, of Linkoping University, the first professor to join the Program Chair for Swedish Aeronautical Professor in Brazil under the INNOVAIR, a Swedish government platform that aims to strengthen the exchange of innovation and advanced technologies in aeronautics. The model of cooperative projects, according to the perspective of Swedish industry, will be another lecture object, with the Futures Business director of SAAB, Lars Sjostrom.