CISB celebrates three years promoting debate on innovation

The Swedish Brazilian Research and Innovation Center celebrates on May 17th its 3rd anniversary. Since its creation in 2011, the Center has dedicated its efforts towards strengthening of open innovation network between Brazil and Sweden.

This year, as part of the celebrations, CISB conducts the workshop "Swedish Brazilian Collaboration Opportunities in Maritime Logistics" on May 20th at the University of São Paulo (USP). The workshop is one of the actions constituting the Arena of Transport & Logistics, one of the CISB’s areas that aim to encourage partnerships between institutions of science, technology and innovation and enterprises of the two countries.

One project that is already part of the arena and will be discussed in the workshop is Green Corridor Project, which is the result of a partnership between CISB, the Center for Innovation in Logistics and Port Infrastructure (CILIP), University of São Paulo (USP) and Lindholmen Science Park (LSP), from Sweden. The proposal is to combine the green intermodal transport corridors, allowing a smaller impact on the environment.

Moreover, CISB in partnership with the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli / USP) coordinates the creative workshop Smart Living Challenge (SLC) step São Paulo, an event sponsored by the Swedish embassy. The SLC will be held on May 19th and is an international competition designed to generate business opportunities that promote a style of sustainable life in large cities. The action is part of Urban Arena Development at CISB.

Throughout its history, CISB has acted as facilitator in the exchange program of students. The call for projects CNPq-CISB-Saab to award scholarships in Sweden is now in its 3rd edition. The project is born from a partnership between CISB, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and Saab, the leading Swedish technology company, was responsible for awarding a total of 18 scholarships to Brazilian researchers to conduct post doctorate or PhD sandwich in Sweden.

In the second call 31 projects were applied, of which 10 were approved. The third call ends on the 17th and already has a larger number of projects registered in Carlos Chagas platform, more than in previous calls. Due to the success of the project, there are already discussions for holding a 4th call.

The exchange program also extended along the members of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Brazilian Army. The agreement between the Army and CISB created conditions for an executive training in Management of Innovation and Technology for nine Brazilian militaries in Sweden at Linköping University, member of CISB. The course consisted of 10 modules and the militaries could make study visits at companies such as Saab and Scania (members of CISB) and technology parks.

The program for the continuation of the project until 2016 is already being discussed. Some of the objectives are: an executive training innovation with duration of 6 weeks, a program of Master and Post graduate in innovation and new courses according to specific demands of the Army.


About CISB

Founded in May 2011, the Swedish Brazilian Research and Innovation Center (CISB) aims to establish a cooperation agreement on science, innovation and high technology between Brazil and Sweden. With operational model inspired by the world renowned Swedish Science Parks - where laboratories of Research, Development and Innovation (RD & I) of large companies, universities, institutes of technology, entrepreneurs and investors in venture capital come together in an environment conducive to collaboration for innovation - the team CISB acts as facilitator and manager of the collaboration network. Swedish companies as Saab and Scania and research institutes as Innventia and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden are some of members of the Centre.

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