Seminar discusses a new level of cooperation between Brazil and Sweden

 On this occasion, several players within the innovation system, including MCTI, MDIC, FINEP, CNPq and SENAI, all from Brazil, and VINNOVA and Growth Analysis, from Sweden, will have the opportunity of getting to know the status of this co-operation, and also its potential spillovers into other sectors, success stories, and plans for the future. One of the lecturers will be Anders Blom, the director of the program known as INNOVAIR – a strategic agenda of the Swedish aeronautical segment; and another will beMats Olofsson, who co-ordinates the Bilateral Aeronautical Committee with the participation of the two countries. They will talk about the innovation system, motivation for co-operation and also benefits in the long term, in both national and international scope, technologies envisaged, successful projects that are currently under way, and the model for bilateral co-operation with possible transfer to other segments of society.

According to data released by NRIA Flyg (, a document of the Swedish Government that sets guidelines for research and innovation in the segment through to 2050, the aeronautics business in Sweden generates a business volume of almost 2.5 billion dollars, with an expectation of an increase of some 75 million dollars over the next five years. In Brazil, this segment accounts for 44% of the total volume of high technology exported, with a trade surplus of USD 1.5 billion, according to data released by SECEX/MDIC in 2013.

The potential for growth in this market is proportional to the challenges faced in technological innovation. It is estimated that the number of trips made by air throughout the world will double within the space of only 15 years. With the same intensity, there will be a growth in the pressure for more efficient and safer aircraft with less environmental impact. “This is a very important segment which can and should be a model of inspiration to boost technological progress and innovation in Brazil”, stresses Alessandra Holmo, the Managing Director of the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre (CISB), one of the organizers of the event.

She highlights that traditionally technologies that have been developed in the aeronautical sector have had significant application to other sectors, such as the automotive sector and telecommunications. Sweden and Brazil are ideal partners, as they have strong competences in C, T&I, a developed industrial segment, and also Government support. “This is a co-operation model that needs to involve coordinated efforts from academic circles, industrial concerns, and also the Government, in what is known as a triple helix on both sides, so that it may be possible to establish long-lasting and fruitful partnerships”, she adds.

General Information:

What: The seminar “A high-tech focus area for a new level of Brazilian-Swedish cooperation” will have lectures given by stakeholders from both Sweden and Brazil, including Anderson Correa, the dean of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) and Marcelo Prim, the Technology and Innovation Manager at SENAI, as well as the presentation of success stories involving the projects that are currently under way.

When: May 16.

Where: SENAI (SBN – Quadra 1 – Bloco C – Roberto Simonsen Building, Brasília, Federal District, Brazil).

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The Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre (CISB) is a non-profit private organization with the main aim of being an international hub, offering a suitable environment to encourage collaboration between Brazil and Sweden. Its operational model is inspired on Swedish technology parks, and also based on principles of innovation guided by challenges, open innovation, and triple helix. The Centre acts as an innovation platform, promoting a connection between people and institutions, thereby nurturing opportunities, catalyzing initiatives, and producing results for its members and partners.


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