Workshop in aeronautics and defence sets priorities in innovation for the Brazilian-Swedish partnership

Organized by the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre (CISB) and Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA), the workshop confirmed the intention of both countries to build a long-term agenda in aeronautics and defence, while pointing out prospects for other areas.

The deputy defense minister of Sweden, Jan Salestrand, attended the workshop and said that Sweden is proud of its partnership with Brazil, an emerging economy today, and that his country is committed to innovation. "I would like to emphasize the hope that the partnership goes beyond the commercial level. Brazil has a tradition in the aeronautical industry and produce Gripen here will strengthen the country's position in the aerospace market, "said Salestrand. He was referring to fighters acquired by Brazilian Air Force of the Swedish company Saab in 2014, and whose purchase agreement provides for the transfer of production technology from the Scandinavian country to Brazil.

The director of Future Business of Saab, Lars Sjostrom, emphasized that there is a great confluence of the opportunities offered via cooperation between the countries and good project selection possibilities. "Both countries are trying to create an agenda, and there is a high level group with the mission of establishing areas and lines for cooperation. This includes, among other things, look at other areas that can benefit from technologies developed for the aviation industry and expand the scope of neutral innovation platforms such as CISB "scored Sjostorm.

For Petter Krus, the first professor to join the Program Chair for Swedish Aeronautical Professor in Brazil (the Swedish initiative INNOVAIR platform to strengthen exchanges of innovation and advanced technologies in aviation), it is to promote cooperation for the next generation. "What is happening today is just the tip of the iceberg. The collaboration is expected to generate a large spill over into other areas, both there and here in Sweden, "he adds.

The signing, at the opening ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding with the ITA - by Chalmers University of Technology and the Luleå University of Technology - should encourage the design of future joint projects and the development of the ones that already started.

Several thematic groups were set up to share experiences and map the necessary support for the implementation of 26 projects in pre-study. "This workshop is a result of the first workshop, held last November, when there were several collaborative project ideas. Since then, several international missions were undertaken for the structuring of projects designed at that time, "says Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB. "Now, the next step will finalize the structuring of projects, and seek resources to execute them."

Alessandra Holmo points out that the construction of this agenda is going far beyond the Gripen fighter. "One of the projects under study will enable the development of a fighter in subscale, to test new concepts of fighter planes," she explains. Projects must be executed following a model of cooperation based on the concept of triple helix, involving industry, academia and government from both countries. "Innovation, beyond the triple helix of effort, must be guided by challenges, the industry needs, and that is what we are seeking. From the neutral environment, we are promoting collaboration to establish an agenda for cooperation between Brazil and Sweden in aeronautics and then share that experience with other areas of CISB and expand cooperation, "she concludes.