Grants for projects in Sweden: new record of applications

"We believe that the success of this call was the fact that it is focused in the areas of materials and manufacturing, electronics, information and communication technology and mechanical engineering systems, all geared to the airline industry," said Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB. "This is a strategic area for both countries, which has stimulated the interest of Brazilian researchers," she adds.

CISB and Saab also provide a collaborative platform, which facilitated the interaction between Brazilian researchers and researchers from Swedish universities and Saab. "They could receive guidance and dialogue during the construction phase of the project proposal," she says. "Another important factor are the examples of researchers that participated in the previous calls, which are reaping the fruits of this opportunity and certainly motivating other Brazilian researchers," she adds.

Evaluation and selection - Up to the month of July, the projects submitted in this edition will be evaluated by a committee composed of experts from CNPq, CISB and Saab. They will select ten for post-doctoral and five for doctorate sandwich. The result will be announced in August in the Platform Carlos Chagas. The researchers will travel to Sweden from September.

CNPq/CISB/SAAB calls has enabled to date the round of 25 researchers to Sweden. "Everyone with high level projects," says Alessandra Holmo. She remembers that every edition of the call, process are getting better, which has allowed the submission of excellent proposals.