CISB’s Collaborative Platform elaborates more than 30 proposals to Science Without Borders program

Sao Paulo, May 28th, 2012 – The Swedish-Brazilian Center for Research and Innovation (CISB), created by Saab, has recently completed a year of activities. Since its inception, the activities CISB has worked to build a network of open innovation between Brazil and Sweden.

Therefore, the organization chose the Brazil-Sweden Innovation Week: Innovation for Sustainable Development, hosted by the Swedish government in Rio de Janeiro, from May 28th to June 1st , to assess the proposals received by the collaborative platform, whose goal was to receive projects in the areas of security and defense to submit to Science Without Borders program, by the federal government.

Altogether, there were 485 submissions from researchers applying for a scholarship for postdoctoral and doctoral degrees, professors of Swedish universities and also from Saab researchers. The Swedish professors made 31 proposals to Brazilian candidates, who responded with 35 ideas. The final 32 proposals were submitted to the official platform of the federal program, through CNPq – 11 out of 21 for PhD and postdoctoral studies.

If all proposals are approved by the program, CISB would have already reached in his first year of operation, its goal to offer 30 scholarships, out of 100, which will be co-financed by Saab and CNPq for Brazilian researchers to develop their projects at universities in Sweden and other countries.

"Given the specificity of the subject (defense and security) and for being an underdeveloped sector of the economy in Brazil, along with high requirements demanded of the candidates, CISB achieved its goal by receiving more than 30 proposals validated through intensive interaction on the platform. The ambience had 485 enrolled and 66 proposals discussed over two months. The result of this first call is very satisfactory for CISB," says Bruno Rondani, executive director of CISB.