About the CISB 10th Annual Meeting

Since its foundation in 2011, CISB has held the Annual Meeting, a series of events on various topics related to research, innovation and collaboration between Brazil and Sweden. The objective is to promote new connections, strengthen existing ones among participants of the triple helix (government, academia and industry) and promote the cooperation of the two countries.

This year, the challenges were different and the tenth edition was held entirely online. According to Alessandra Holmo, executive director of CISB, it was a very aggregating experience for the entire organization and partners. “We are very happy to have another successful Annual Meeting, we attract new actors, our webinars have provided the sharing of experiences, learning from successful cases and great interaction between participants, fundamental concepts for us.”

In addition to its own webinars, CISB was also an official supporter of the Brazil-Sweden Aerospace Innovation Week, organized by the Ministry of Science, Technologies and Innovations (MCTI). Among the events supported by CISB were the 9th Aeronautics Workshop Brazil-Sweden, 2nd Seminar in Space Brazil-Sweden, 5thWIEFP 2020 and 1st SC2C.Aero Online Workshop.

The Center was also a supporter of the Sweden-Brazil 2020 Innovation Weeks, organized by Team Sweden Brazil. “Once again our partnership for years has worked very well. We worked hard on the promotion and the results were great, many success stories and excellent collaborations were shared during these two weeks. ” says Alessandra.

The online model brought many challenges, learning new ways to do the usual is always challenging. New tools, technical problems, time zones, are some of the complications faced in the digital world. Still, for Alessandra, it was one of the greatest lessons learned. “The reach we had would be unfeasible in person, mainly because generally 80% of the participants are residents of the country in which the event is offered, and online it is possible to divide the audience equally, something that we at CISB highly value. In addition, we have incorporated new methods that have worked very well, such as the help of external moderators, event chat open for comments and questions, and live streams on our YouTube channel. ”

Some of the objectives of the webinars offered during the 10th Annual Meeting were to connect actors, catalyze initiatives and expand the network. “It is not easy to explain what an innovation platform does, but when we put concrete examples, other people telling their experiences and the benefits of being part of this platform, it creates a lot of value.” says the executive director of CISB.

The 11th edition of the Annual Meeting is scheduled for November 2021 and expectations are high. “With all the lessons that this year has given us, we know that next year will be different and we are very excited about that. The initial idea is for a hybrid event - if everything is normalized - so that it is possible to adapt everything we learn from online with what we already knew from the classroom. Until then, we are open to start a dialogue with any company, university or institute that wants to know more about our work as well as enjoy the benefits of being associated. ” concluded Alessandra.

Access CISB’s YouTube channel and watch the events of the 10th Annual Meeting: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7RLPm5oBmBgOrXLo-ciLrNWIXRIUb1FC