First SARC-BARINet joint activity

On November 12, the SARC-BARINet workshop was held as part of the schedule for the first week of the CISB 10th Annual Meeting. In addition to the Center, the event was supported by MCTI, the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, brazilian and swedish universities, among other partners.

The Swedish Aerospace Research Center (SARC) was created to encourage national coordination and the alignment of academic research in aeronautics, in response to globalization and, consequently, the increase in international competition and collaboration. The Brazilian Aerospace Research and Innovation Network (BARINet), on the other hand, is a research and innovation network formed to meet the technological challenges of the aerospace industry in Brazil.

Fernando Catalano, PhD in aeronautical engineering and professor at the São Carlos School of Engineering at the University of São Paulo, participated in the organization of the workshop and reported that the idea was based on the principle that both Brazil and Sweden have excellent researchers in the field of science aerospace. “Our first activity was to organize together with the SARC a workshop that could bring together researchers from both countries to present and discuss their research. The expectations were the best, but the results went far beyond what we imagined with great presentations, high level discussions at the round tables and the formation of an important network, one of the main objectives of BARINet. ”.

The event was indeed a success and had one of the biggest audiences of the weeks, with about 140 subscribers. “We were concerned with the number of presentations and the short time that the speakers had to present complex works. All the presentations were very good and generated important discussions on relevant topics and that was the highlight of our event. ” said the teacher.

“We learned a lot at this event. The main thing was that it is possible to organize an event like this workshop through teamwork formed between the two countries where everyone showed professionalism, understanding and engagement. In an age of social detachment and almost everything online, we learned that this event model can be a perennial alternative going forward ”concluded Catalano.