Workshop SC2C. Convergence Aero for the Aerospace Sector

On November 16, SC2C.Aero promoted an online workshop with the objective of discussing how the agribusiness sector can benefit from the technologies reported in satellites and the technology scenario in Brazil and the USA.

The event started with the discussion of the theme, “From space to the field: how aerospace technologies can impact agribusiness”, with the moderator of the Space Sector Governance Director of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Cristiano Trein. The debaters in that first discussion were Agrize CEO Igor Luduwichack, Agrosatellite CEO Joel Risso and Cooperja President Vanir Zanatta. This chat was essential to show how small, medium and large producers can benefit from existing technologies in the aerospace sector as a way to facilitate their day-to-day work, whether in farming, livestock or fish farming, and in terms of new technologies. can result in economic gain, compared to the instruments still used.

In the second moment, we had the debate on “Brazilian satellites: why continue to develop?”, With moderation by André Pierre Matei, CCO of Orbital Engenharia. As Gustavo Gargioni, a researcher at the Technological University of Virginia, in the USA, who brought his international experience in the space sector, João Paulo Campos, CEO of Visiona, with his business eye, and professor Marcia Mantelli of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UFSC, proved, showing the view of the academy before the presented theme. The agreement was unanimous on the importance of continuing to develop satellite technologies in Brazil, both to create national technology and to train basic human resources for the sector.

The panelists cited the development of the Catarina constellation of CubeSats, an initiative of the State of Santa Catarina with AEB, supported by several public and private partners, as an important development enabling technologies and services for the benefited sectors, such as agribusiness, energy, environment and civil defense. The debate with the online audience was consolidated as perceptions about the great potential and urgency in the development of actions in the aerospace sector, which results in important and lasting impacts on the productive sector and on society.