New horizons for CISB

A new and challenging scenario has been designed since March for our entire society. In order to continue the cooperation events and projects between Brazil and Sweden, CISB moved quickly towards the implementation of a digital innovation platform. “We are an Innovation Center, and it is in situations of adversity that we must stand out with creative, flexible and agile solutions that maintain the relationships we have created in all these years of work,” highlights Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB.

One of the main characteristics of an innovation platform is to provide the connection between different actors in an ecosystem and create conditions for the discussion of ideas and projects. Due to the challenge of these times, CISB created an online connection program called Virtual Visit, having already carried out a pilot that can be used as a preparation for future missions and online workshops. This extends CISB’s main characteristic, being a facilitator of collaboration between Brazil and Sweden, to the virtual environment: .

Among the series of workshops, Vinnova-Embrapii, which will be held on April 28 and will include the special participation of Embrapii, stands out, . The event will introduce cooperation between the two countries, present the Call launched on April 2nd, and point out ways for the Brazilian side to find Swedish partners.

In addition, Sweden Brazil Startup Matchday will take place on May 20th, organized by Ignite Sweden in collaboration with CISB. During the event, a select group of large Brazilian and multinational corporations based in the country will participate in online connection meetings with Swedish startups, in order to find solutions and technologies for their challenges and needs.

The certainty that the online matchmaking meetings will be very profitable for everyone makes the CISB evaluate this as a permanent model for the next startup match editions. "We believe that we will further strengthen our partnership with Ignite Sweden and scale the model with this virtual stage," hopes the director.

“I see a very interesting movement to break with the past. We will be different human beings. Everyone will need to reinvent themselves. Society’s digitization will advance rapidly in this period. We are reinventing the internal and external processes and relations in the institutions. Our capacity for innovation in these times will be our differential.” Concludes Alessandra Holmo.