Collaborative Network of Projects and Manufacturing for IEP, Ventilators and Respirators - COVID-19

The network was born from the need to accelerate the various initiatives of regional actors in the Brazilian Innovation Ecosystem, connecting volunteer professionals and their institutions in this joint effort of the technical-scientific and industrial innovation community.

The main focus is to support and promote the synergy between several initiatives related to the theme in the country, connecting through an environment of knowledge exchanege and experience among its members (Academy, Industry and Government) in order to accelerate regional initiatives.

The network is careful to guide all the initiatives that are necessary to verify adherence to local rules, standards and regulations. The main open models, rules related to initiatives, notices and relevant information for the network community as well as for supporters of the initiative are shared on the Collaborative Network website.

"Following the distributed network model, the Collaborative Network allowed for agility and greater efficiency so that regional initiatives in the country could learn and share knowledge, in a great collaborative effort", according to Prof. Ricardo Yogui, one of the members of the network's articulation nucleus.

It is very important for CISB to participate in this collaborative network. “We can contribute with our experience in creating communities and we are also interested in following the legacy of this network with respect to industrial innovation in the country.”Says Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB.

The Collaborative Network has volunteers from institutions such as: Innovation Agency PUC-Rio, Acelerator Inova Unigran, ABDI, Ministry of Economy, Anpei, Unifei, USP-EESC, Mercedes Benz, Supera Parque, UFRGS Engineering School, Abinfer, InovAtiva Brasil, 3D Systems, CCM / ITA, Abimaq, Anprotec, Bosch, Anestech, Indigo-De, Sindpeças and CISB.

About the 3D Collaborative Network: