New business models

In a partnership between CISB and the National Association of Innovative Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (ANPROTEC), four Brazilian startups were selected to go to Sweden and present their technologies and new business models to large Swedish and Brazilian companies in the initiative entitled Corporate Venture Brazil- Sweden.

“Our main intention when signing up for the CISB program was to introduce Ubivis to large Swedish companies, thinking of internationalization beginning with Europe,” says Paulo Souza, CEO of the startup Ubivis. Not only Ubivis, but also the other startups lived experiences of high added value.

From October 7 to 11, during the II Brazil-Sweden Innovation Week, representatives of Ubivis, MSD Sistemas, MediaGlass and Green Energy Ventures participated and meetings with companies such as Saab AB, ABB and VALE.

Flávio França, CEO at MediaGlass, comments that in his opinion the mission’s highlight was the visit to Saab AB's headquarters in Linköping. “Not just for the visit itself, but because we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves, make our pitch, so the possibility of doing business with this big Swedish company became real,” he explains.

Daniel Damasceno, director at MSD, agrees that during the visit there was the actual possibility of doing business and says that in one of the meetings it was possible to learn the exactly needs of Swedish companies and thus, "we were able to offer alternatives to conduct a proof of concept." In this sense, the cooperation between Brazil and Sweden originated from the program enables real solutions to the technological challenges of organizations and the emergence of new partnerships and businesses.

For Flavio Ortigão, CTO of Green Energy Ventures, CISB has changed the course of the startup by providing the connection with high-level companies and contacts. “I cannot think of a program that is comparable to this one. Sweden is one of the leading countries in innovation and probably the most accessible in the world. It's an opportunity that cannot be missed.”

CISB's plans for next year include expanding the connection with startups in Brazil and Sweden. The objective is to continue the initiative that brought good solutions and ideas for the industries of both countries.