Looking for the perfect solution

Partnership between CISB and the Ignite Sweden platform will take large Brazilian companies to get to know innovative solutions by Swedish startups in October

CISB is dedicated to identifying and supporting project development initiatives involving advanced technologies on a daily basis, in order to deliver solutions to a range of industry sectors and positively impact society as a whole. It is in face of this objective that the CISB begins another strategic partnership, this time with the platform Ignite Sweden, which connects Swedish startups to large corporations.

In October, the partnership will bring a group of large Brazilian companies to Stockholm with the support of Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova. The purpose of the trip is to bring these corporations closer to the best startups capable of proposing disruptive solutions to their technological challenges.

During the trip, each company will meet with startups, all previously selected and prepared for the meetings, where they will present their proposals and solutions. Taking advantage of the trip to Sweden, the participants will visit universities and research institutes, as well as participate in the opening of the 2nd Brazil Sweden Innovation Week in Stockholm, on October 7th.

Ignite's leader, Stina Lantz is optimistic about the Brazilian delegation’s arrival. "Brazil is an important market for Sweden, and we hope that this initiative will open doors for the big Swedish startups, since the best way for them to internationalize is to always have a first case," she explains.

After the visit, Stina believes that the connection will be intensified with the CISB’s help, since both countries already have an excellent commercial relationship. "Many of our large industrial corporations such as Ericsson, Saab, Volvo and Scania are present in Brazil. We have a lot to add,” says Stina.

The director of the CISB, Alessandra Holmo celebrates the institution’s new strategic partnership, which she believes will add even more value to relations between Brazil and Sweden. "We know the potential of our work and we believe this is another project that will bring an excellent return to our associates and partners."