A tradition in the cooperation

The 8th Brazilian-Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics, organized by Innovair with the support of CISB and other Brazilian and Swedish institutions, is scheduled to take place on October 10, in Stockholm, at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. In its eighth edition, it is already possible to consider the event as a tradition.

The focus of the meeting is to deepen and strengthen the already very positive relations between the actors involved in the aeronautics cooperation between Sweden and Brazil, as well as to welcome new participants and discuss ways to expand and broaden the scope of cooperation.

Mats Olofsson, coordinator of the cooperation and member of the Swedish Aeronautical Executive Committee, has good expectations for this eighth edition. "We believe the workshop will bring new stakeholders and connect different areas of aeronautics technology and research. By hosting the event shortly after the Aerospace Technology Congress (FT 2019), we want to attract congress participants to discuss the specific areas of interest involving the Brazil-Sweden cooperation."

The expectation is also positive regarding the workshop schedule. There are strong indications that the event will have the presence and a short speech by the Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication, Mr Marcos Pontes. A keynote speech will be given by representatives of Vinnova, the Swedish government innovation agency that will present its internationalization activities. Participants will also learn about the aeronautical cooperation projects that were carried out during 2018 and 2019, as well as their conclusions and proposals for the future.

In addition, the workshop will offer matchmaking opportunities where all participants will be able to meet and discuss specific issues with other stakeholders such as researchers, engineers, industry representatives, and individuals from government agencies and organizations.

The work carried out by CISB was fundamental for this intense exchange of knowledge to take place. "I very much believe in the concept of Triple Helix, in which Government, Academy and Industry come together and develop ideas, projects and products. An event like this is essential for greater cooperation and co-creation, which is only possible if you have a partner that interacts well with all players, as is the case of CISB,” says Olofsson.