A successful start

In March, the Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC) held its first initiative in Brazil, a five-day course on aircraft design, taught by the engineer Daniel P. Raymer and which had a total of 25 Brazilian participants and 25 Swedish participants.

Doctoral students from Brazil and Sweden in aeronautical engineering, and representatives of companies from both countries met between March 18 and 22 in Florianopolis to participate in the 5-Day Conceptual Aircraft Design Course, event organized by the Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC), in partnership with the Santa Catarina's Center of Convergence for Aerospace Technologies (SC2C.Aero) and with the support of CISB.

The course was led by Daniel P. Raymer, a North American aerospace design engineer widely known for his expertise in the areas of conceptual design of aircrafts, design engineering, and aircraft layout and settings. The professional presented the participants with an overview of the aeronautical sector, and pointed out the main topics in the design process, so they could understand how their own research fields fit into a larger picture.

Dan Henningson, director of SARC and a professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), said the classes allowed students to create their own conceptual aircraft designs, which were personally evaluated by Raymer. Moreover, despite the event taking place over five days, by 2020 SARC.Academy students will extend this experience to even more practical activities. "The students will work on an electric aircraft together and look into how various choices of propulsion and laminar flow technology influence the design.” explains Henningson.

Connecting students from Brazil and Sweden and forming a new network are important topics that SARC will take into account in upcoming events and courses.