New member of the CISB: Suzano

CISB has another new member: Suzano S.A., a company resulting from the merger between Suzano Papel e Celulose and Fibria. The organization is already recognized as a global leader in the eucalyptus pulp production, and is one of the largest paper manufacturers in Latin America.

Both organizations already had good relations with Swedish research institutions. With the diversification of its interests, the new Suzano realized the existence of new opportunities for collaboration with the Swedish innovation ecosystem in addition to the players they were interacting with, and identified in CISB an opportunity to catalyze new partnerships in different areas.

The company's new business manager, Gisele Fidelis, believes that joining CISB will enable the identification of new innovation partnership opportunities and the acquisition of emerging technologies related to the production and application of pulp, paper and bio refinery products. "CISB can support us in identifying opportunities, creating connections with local players, as well as exposing Suzano to the Swedish innovation ecosystem as a potential partner," she said.

In addition to interactions with the paper and pulp industry itself, the company also understands that other opportunities can be found in Sweden's innovation ecosystem, such as open innovation related learning. "We understand that open innovation is the way to accelerate innovation. This type of interaction allows us to experience bilateral cooperation experiences that bring good practices to Brazil, in addition to catalyzing projects from a macro perspective,” concludes Gisele.