New CISB member: Blekinge Institute of Technology

CISB has a news member, the Swedish university Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). "We hope that association to CISB will broaden and deepen the possibilities for cooperation as well as facilitate student exchange", said the Rector and International Director of BTH, Professor Benny Lövström.

BTH is focused on research in the IT segment, integrated with other disciplines such as Engineering, Industrial Economics, Space Planning, Design and Health. The Swedish university also focuses its investments in innovation for sustainable development.

Since 2013, BTH has developed radar research projects in cooperation with Brazilian universities and organizations. Recently, the institution also signed more general agreements with universities in Brazil in technical-scientific research. "Some of the projects were related to the CISB and that was the reason we considered the affiliation to the entity", said Lövström.

The BTH president said he believes that the membership with CISB and access to its network, meetings and events will help to increase BTH's networking and bring partners interested in developing new projects. "Today, our cooperation with Brazil has been mainly in the area of radars, but we have other research groups at BTH with competencies and interests that correspond to CISB focus areas”, said Lövström.

According to the rector, the bilateral cooperation component will add value by generating sharing of the different experiences and competencies found in both countries. "At BTH, sustainable development, innovation and cooperation with industry and society are fundamental parts of strategy and we see these components as interlinked requirements for sustainable development”, he said.