New CISB member: AEL Sistemas

The CISB has just gained another associated industry: AEL Sistemas, a Brazilian company (Porto Alegre-RS) that develops military and space electronic systems for applications on air, sea and land platforms. According to the company’s Technology Director, Marcos Arend, the membership aims to search for new strategic partnerships and joint R&D activities in the Aerospace and Defense area.

Participating in several projects and programs in the space industry, such as Gripen NG, KC-390, Guarani and Sisfron (Integrated Border Monitoring System), AEL Sistemas has been considered a center of excellence in defense technology since 2001, and is part of the Elbit Systems group.

According to the director, upon entering the CISB and participating in its training, AEL seeks to generate visibility for its activities and increase its connection with the initiatives of companies and institutions that work with R&D in the CISB network.

"We have collaborated with Saab in the past, which has led to the strengthening of the company's capabilities in the development of aerospace products. We would like to have this collaboration with European partners extended to other areas and establish the involvement of academic institutes in the development of new products and services. Joint projects, where development takes place in collaboration, where the visibility of the capabilities lead naturally to the optimization of resource use and innovative solutions", said Arend.

According to the executive, the Brazil-Sweden bilateral cooperation involving academia and industry naturally increases the number of opportunities and the diversity of solutions to the demands of efficient innovation and sustainable development. "Especially in niches of complementary activities of the industries involved and of the same research area, involving the institutes and academies of the two countries”, he highlighted.