Petter Krus, Linköping University

Do you consider your mission accomplished?

The mission is never fulfilled, but I think we have made progress in establishing the Swedish-Brazilian collaboration. I think it is important to have some sustained coordinated effort to maintain and benefit from collaboration. I think the full benefit comes in the future when the students who have just become involved will attain leadership positions in universities and the industry. And it will be natural for them to collaborate, since over time they have built solid trust and mutual understanding.

You have established a network of Brazilian and Swedish researchers. Do you believe that this network is powerful enough to continue even with the end of your chair at ITA? Why?

Of course, it can continue even after my chair. There are now many people invited and, in addition, I also have continued projects with my Brazilian partners, which means that I will not give up my Brazilian collaboration for long. The president chair is only three years old and I had collaborations before that. [Note: Petter Krus' first trips to Brazil took place in 2011, while his chair only started in 2015].

Will you keep in touch with the Brazilian researchers you've met during these eight years?

Yes, of course. I think we have established a long-term friendship that does not end easily.

Do you have plans to establish new networks in the following years? With whom?

As an active researcher, you always build or maintain networks. In addition to my own field, I now seek to expand collaboration to colleagues at my university in other disciplines, to achieve broader diversity. I think the challenges that society faces can only be solved by involving various disciplines and we need to prepare for it. I noticed that the Swedish-Brazilian collaboration also created more efficient networks in both Sweden and Brazil, which I also hope will benefit our university.

What advice would you give to Swedish teachers who are just starting their work in Brazil?

Take your time to build your network by building friendship and trust first, with small projects where you can test each other. A good relationship lasts beyond an individual project.

What do you consider the best souvenir you will take from the country?

No doubt the friendship of all the people I met.