Since its foundation in 2011, CISB has held the Annual Meeting, a series of events on various topics related to research, innovation and collaboration between Brazil and Sweden. The objective is to promote new connections, strengthen existing ones among participants of the triple helix (government, academia and industry) and promote the cooperation of the two countries.

On November 9th, the webinar “Brazil-Sweden cooperation success cases” took place, marking the start of the 10th Annual Meeting. With the participation of Joselito Henriques from Akaer, Rafael Bertochi from Suzano and moderation by Heloisa Menezes, another CISB initiative was a success promoting high-level discussions.

On November 12, CISB organized the webinar “How to engage more companies in the sustainable innovation chain” with the participation of women and workers in the field of innovation. It was a high-level debate on circular economy, innovative cooperation models and sustainability. In addition, the speakers shared their experiences in major institutions: Sustainable Vision, Sabesp and FAPESP.

On the second day of the 10th Annual Meeting, CISB held the Mobility program boosting innovation, a discussion focused on the role of mobility in innovation and information in companies.

On November 16, SC2C.Aero promoted an online workshop with the objective of discussing how the agribusiness sector can benefit from the technologies reported in satellites and the technology scenario in Brazil and the USA.