Technology forecasting for strategic planning in Defence With examples from Swedish Armed Forces and Defence industry


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From theleft: Per Åman, Stefan Andersson, Mats Olofsson.


Per Åman, PhD, Linköping University

Per Åman is a senior lecturer at Linköping University. Per has been focusing on strategic  management, innovation management and change management in the university sector, and he has also experiences working with industry. Per Åman was voted “best teacher” at Linköping University last year.
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Mats Olofsson, Col (ret.), Swedish Armed Forces

Mats Olofsson has extensive experience from science and technology management as well as system development. Mats Olofsson is the former Chief Scientist of the Swedish Armed Forces and is involved in several Sweden-Brazilian R&D projects.
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Stefan Andersson, MSc and MBA, Saab

Stefan Andersson is Director of future aircraft programs at Saab and also Chairman of Swedsoft. He has extensive experience in R&D and innovation management.
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Seminar content

The world is changing. The Armed Forces is constantly meeting new challenges and must be flexible and able to plan for and develop new capabilities to meet new threats and demands. In Sweden, scenarios and technology forecasting are used as a well-proven structured method in order to use and also develop new capabilities and technologies.

The seminar gave an overview of the need for, and use of, scenarios and technology forecasting in order to create strategic guidance for long term planning in a military high level command organization. The seminar also brought up ideas and applications on how this is done in a Swedish context.

Per Åman opened the seminar and gave an introduction from the academic perspective.

Mats Olofsson continued with motives for the use of long term planning and scenarios in a Defence organization. He also presented some well-proven structured tools and methods for technology forecasting and shared some examples of new situations affecting the military environment.

Finally Stefan Andersson presented technology forecasting in the context of innovation and scenario prospecting from an industry perspective. This included purpose of technology forecasting and some examples of methods for assessing and planning of technology development.


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