Webinar held by CISB discusses the role of startups in digital challenges and automation

On last Wednesday, October 7, CISB promoted the Emerging Technologies for Digital and Automation Challenges webinar, which was attended by Flávio França from Media Glass, Daniel Damasceno from MSD Sistemas and Thiago Machado from ST-One, representatives of three prominent national startups.

Moderated by Claudio Mazzola, consultant at CISB, the event aimed to carry out yet another activity in the institution's Corporate Venture initiative, started in 2019 and to promote the approach of startups and large corporations.

During the webinar, each company can present its innovative solutions and technologies in the areas of advanced manufacturing, internet of things, virtual reality, process automation and human-machine interaction, as well as the success stories of collaboration with large companies.

The representatives of the startups also participated in a panel discussion under the theme "The challenges of the interaction between corporation and startup in the implementation of solutions in digitization and automation".

On the first round of questions, the guests answered questions regarding the challenges faced by startups due to the pandemic moment. “We are going through a completely atypical phase, at a time in history that we enjoy the internet, high technologies, among other innovations that made companies forced to learn in six months what they have not learned in five years, so the role of startups in digitization and automation proved to be very necessary.” reported Flávio França.

According to Daniel Damasceno, a crucial solution was displacement and the way that the necessary distance measure became an opportunity: “Our main customers are from the aeronautical sector, so we are very sorry for the crisis. But it was necessary to rationalize and we saw the opportunities that we could take advantage of, such as the decrease in displacement that automatically generated an increase in communication and facilitated several processes. For example, visiting companies, which required time and financial resources, can now be solved in minutes online.” said the representative of MSD Sistemas.

Another relevant point discussed during the webinar was the importance of startups in relation to innovation in the sense of promoting digitalization for industry. Thiago Machado of ST-One reported that the pandemic brought challenges to industries as well. “They ended up associating the value of automation and a database alone, many of them even contacted us, regretting having kept all the company's history, data and even basic information on paper, because now access to them is complicated." The three representatives agreed to affirm that the contact of international companies has increased since they started to act 100% remotely.

Watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUGsruYnsvE