CISB Director moderates webinar on startups in space

On last Wednesday (9/30), Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB, mediated the webinar “Startups in Space”, which discussed the reality of Brazilian technology-based startups, opportunities and challenges faced by those working in the space industry, among others pertinent issues to the sector.

At the beginning of the event, the guests Otavio Durão (CRON Sistemas e Tecnologias), Gabriel Zanatta (Pale Dot), Ricardo Quindós (VSAT Aerospace) and Renato Duarte (Legado Usinagem) presented the main characteristics of their startups and arrived at a common point, the innovation of the space scope.

Then, Alessandra opened the discussion on the role of startups in developing solutions, given that the sector is currently going through major changes aimed at democratizing access, which for decades was considered unattainable for many countries, including Brazil, due to the lack investment.

The decrease in costs through infrastructure sharing also emerged as a relevant point, with participants pointing to the overflow of their technologies for the private sector and that are no longer restricted to laboratories and government agencies, covering different areas of society, such as agriculture, medicine, sustainable energy and others.

The full webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Technology Park São José dos Campos (Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos). Access the link to watch:

(The event was held in Portuguese)