CISB 5th Anniversary

CISB - Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre completed five years of existence and is pleased to share the successful path of the centre with you through the message below.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the strong belief that by joining forces from two different countries, cultures, and worlds we can accomplish real, tangible and outstanding results.

So in the five years of promoting the successful partnership between Sweden and Brazil, we have truly become a successful international hub of research, development and innovation.

Our operation model, as most of you know, is inspired in the Swedish science parks, which are based in the principles of innovation oriented by challenges, open innovation, and triple helix. The arenas of Aeronautics and Defence & Security are actually a living proof of how far we can go by working this way.

I am most happy to say that, in fact, CISB has played as an innovation platform in this particular area that culminated in the creation of a Bilateral Aeronautics Committee with the participation of high-tier executives from both countries.

Today CISB has 18 members and acts in five different arenas: Aeronautics, Defence & Security, Sustainable Energy, Transport & Logistics, and Urban Development.

Since we started our activities, we’ve had in our pipeline 60 projects of RD&I being structured and put in motion with CISB’s help and guidance. And some of these projects have great potential to positively impact other economy sectors. Well, especially considering our current scenario, this is particularly good news.

In order to bring these projects to life, we have been working on a daily basis in several fronts to establish a strong research network, including the partnerships with CNPq, Brazilian Army DCT, Lindholmen Science Park, and many others.

What enables these projects to come to life is international missions’ financing, organization of several workshops that bring together industry and academy players, and CISB Endowed Professor Chair at ITA, to mention just a few.

I am happy to announce that our Annual Meeting this year will happen partially in Sweden and partially in Brazil and will cover many areas of interest, which is a big thing and this format will continue to take place in the years to come.

We are ready to welcome more members and have the expertise to enter many other areas. So with time, we are confident that we shall continue writing a strong record for the next years to come.

Best regards,

Alessandra Holmo
Managing Director
CISB - Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre