Call Notice for the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on april 28th, 2016

(A)     Ordinary General Meeting:

(I)       approval of the balance sheet and the financial statements concerning the closed fiscal year 2015; 
(II)      approval of the Opinion of the Independent Auditors concerning the closed fiscal year 2015;
(III)     approval of the Report of the Chairman concerning the closed fiscal year;
(IV)     approval of the Action Plan for fiscal year 2016;
(V)      approval of the Budget for fiscal year 2016;
(VI)     election of the Members of the Audit Committee, the candidates are:
           - Aparecido Pereira;
           - Miriam Duvell Zetterlind;
           - Lars Stefan Lundkvist ;
           - Rogerio Gomes de Oliveira Junior as deputy;
(VII)    election of the Executive Board, the candidates are:
           - Pontus de Laval - SAAB AB;
           - Bo Torrestedt - SAAB Brasil;
           - Massaru Maeseki -    Scania Latin America;
           - Jorge Mussi – Volvo Cars Brasil;
           -Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson – Halmstad University;
(VIII)   election of management of the Association, the candidate is:
           - Alessandra Cristina Holmo;
(IX)     approval of the remuneration of the CEO;
(X)      appointment of the Independent Auditor to conduct the audit of the Association with regard to the fiscal year 2016; and
(XI)     other subject matters of the interest of the associates

(B)      Extraordinary General Meeting:
(I)       approval of sale and/or donation of items of fixed assets; and
(II)      other subject matters of the interest of the associates.


São Bernardo do Campo, March 14th, 2016.

Alessandra Cristina Holmo,
Chief Executive Officer