O objetivo desta chamada é apoiar o desenvolvimento de startups de base tecnológica de sucesso no Brasil, em áreas selecionadas, através de apoio financeiro para participação de seus representantes no Programa de Imersão em Ecossistemas de Inovação MEI CISB: Suécia, a ser realizado entre 23 a 27 de outubro de 2017 e o 6th Brazilian-Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics, a ser realizado no dia 25 de outubro de 2017, ambos na Suécia.

Áreas de Interesse

Serão consideradas elegíveis as propostas de startups de base tecnológica que desenvolvam projetos e produtos/serviços nas áreas listadas abaixo, com potenciais aplicações no setor aeronáutico:

  • Inteligência Artificial
  • Sistemas Autônomos
  • Big data
  • Data fusion

Prazo para apresentação de propostas: 11/09/2017 até às 17hs.  

Resultados: 15/09/2017

Documents for Download:

- Chamada CISB 05/2017 – Rev 1

This call aims at allowing for the formation of highly qualified human resources in the best universities and research institutions of Sweden, with the purpose of promoting the internationalization of the Brazilian science and technology and offering condition for the Brazilian researchers involved in the Brazil-Sweden cooperation in the aeronautic sector to develop their studies and researches.

This call aims to select candidates who are willing to develop part of their doctorate thesis or post-doctorate project in the research areas of interest of Saab AB.;

Areas of Interest:

• Concept Methodology/Design & Operational Analysis
• Overall Design & Systems Integration
• Communication Networks, C2/ATM and Cyber Security
• HMI and Autonomous System; Distributed Decision Making
• Sensors – System and Functions
• Software Intensive Systems
• Aeronautical Engineering and Vehicle Systems incl. Propulsion
• Materials, Airframe Design/Installation, Structural Tech and Manufacturing
• Maintenance and Logistics Support
• Management and Integrated Product Development (Lean, PMP etc.)

Deadline for the submission of proposals: Apr/11/2017

Results: Aug/11/2017

Documents for Download:
Call of Projects CISB SAAB 04/2016
Call of Projects CISB SAAB 04/2016 - Template for Submission


 The Senior Internship Abroad (SIA) is a program with the objectives of developing and/or executing R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) projects, encouragement of partnerships and start/consolidation of an existing research network.

This initiative aims to promote long-term collaboration and promote innovation among institutions of both countries by supporting 1 month internships of Brazilian Senior researchers in Swedish research institutions..

Submissions: May/27/2015 - Sep/1/2015
Results: Oct/26/2015 *

* New date for results publishing due to the postponement of the deadline for submissions

Documents for Download:

Call of Innovation Projects CISB 02 2015 Review
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 02 2015 - Template for Submission


The purpose of this call is to support the participation of researchers in the Aerospace Technology 2016 congress and the 4th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics and Defence to be held in Sweden, October 2016, aiming at strengthen and extend the collaboration between Brazilian and Swedish researchers.
Submissions: Mar/11/2016 - Apr/13/2016
Results: Jun/23/2016

Call of Innovation Projects CISB 03 2016
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 03 2016 Template for submission


The goal of this initiative is to encourage long term collaboration within R&D&I  between Brazilian and Swedish academia and industry, to achieve by knowledge exchange and bilateral collaboration on already funded projects as well as on producing new project proposals in the areas of Sensor fusion & signal processing, Robotics & Diagnosis and Control & system identification.  

Accordingly it is necessary to investigate technological and market areas open for exploitation and continued collaboration. Hence, the consortium needs to consist of member partners both from Sweden and Brazil, as well as academia and industry. The minimum number of partners in the consortium is two, one from each country

Submissions: May/19/2015 - Jun/23/2015
Results: Jul/07/2015

Documents for Download:

Call of Innovation Projects CISB 01 2015
Call of Innovation Projects CISB 01 2015 Template for submission