» Disclosure of results

The purpose of this Call is to provide financial support for a travel to Sweden as part of the initiative’s collaboration in the research areas of the interest of Swedish Academy and Saab AB or other stakeholders.

Priority areas:

The call is focused on Aeronautical Operations, Maintenance, Logistical Support and / or related knowledge areas, with an emphasis on the following areas listed below. Therefore, proposals for in the following areas will be prioritized:

  • Method and tools for Model based Discrete Event Simulation & analysis, logistic planning and decision support;
  • Fleet Management;
  • Military Aviation Maintenance and Logistics Operation research;
  • Logistic Data Management, Data-Architectures and the utilization of Digital Twins;
  • Requirements Modeling of military aircraft and support system;
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Reliability, Availability and Prognostics;
  • UAS Operation, Maintenance, Logistic Support and Distributed Decision Making;
  • Remote Support Concepts.

Deadline for application: 18 January 2021

Disclosure of results at CISB’s website: 21 January 2021

Documents for Download:
» CISB Call of Innovation Projects 08 2020
» CISB Call 08 2020 Project Idea Template

The 6th Call of Projects CNPq-CISB-Saab offers 10 scholarships, 7 for post-doctorate and 3 for sandwich doctorate at research institutions in Sweden.

Deadline date to submit the proposals: 09 March 2020

Further information: www.cisb.org.br/cnpq-cisb-saab/

The 5th Call of Projects CNPq-CISB-Saab offers 10 scholarships, 7 for post-doctorate and 3 for sandwich doctorate at Swedish institutions, partners of Saab AB.

Deadline date to submit the proposals: March/08/2019
Disclosure of the results at CISB’s website: August/30/2019

Further information: cisb.org.br/cnpq-cisb-saab

CISB and the Brazilian Association of Entities Promoting Enterprises of Advanced Technologies – Anprotec make public the selection of technological startups in predetermined areas to participate on the Brazil-Sweden Corporate Venture Initiative of connection with large Swedish companies. The startups will have the opportunity to propose disruptive solutions for technological challenges of the corporations.

» Call CISB-Anprotec 01/2019
» Submission form

The Senior Internship Abroad (SIA) is a program with the objectives of developing and/or executing collaborative R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) projects, encouragement of partnerships and  consolidation of an existing research network.
Priority areas
It will be prioritized proposals in the following areas:
1. Concept Methodolody/Design & Operational Analisys
2. Overall Design &Systems Integration
3. Communication Networks, C2/ATM and Cyber Security
4. HMI and Autonomous System; Distributed Decision Making
5. Sensors – System and Functions
6. Software Intensive Systems
7. Aeronautical Enginering and Vehicle Systems incl. Propulsion
8. Materials, Airframe Design/Installation, Structural Tech and Manufacturing
9. Maintenance and Logistics Support
10. Management and Integrated Product Development (Lean, PMP etc)
Deadline to submit the proposals are December/13/2017
Disclosure of the results at CISB’s website January/20/2018

Documents for Download:

Call of Innovation Projects CISB Saab 06/2018
CISB 06.2017 - Senior Researcher Scholarship - Template for Submission