CISB, CNPq and Saab will fund a trip to Sweden for Brazilian startups interested in getting a closer look at the Swedish innovation ecosystem and initiating contact with large corporations and potential local partners.

Call and Regulation


Promote connection and facilitate collaborative projects and business between Brazilian and Swedish industry and startups focused on Artificial Intelligence.

Priority themes



Deadline for proposals submission
28 January 2022

Disclosure of results on CISB’s website
25 February 2022

Release of financial resources
14 March 2022

Trip do Sweden
09-13 May 2022

Conclusion of the activities of proposal
15 June 2022

How to apply

Fill in the Template Proposal with:

*Elements to be presented in the video are described in item II.4.1.a of the regulations. The video must be made available via a video sharing platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

After completing the form, send a copy of the bylaws and the CNPJ card to

Click here to access the Template Proposal

Contact | 55 11 2157 0317