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Newsletter CISB - ediTION 33 - NOVEMBER, 2018

Success model to develop Brazil-Sweden cooperation

In its fourth year, the Swedish Endowed Professor Chair at ITA in Honor of Peter Wallenberg Sr. sees the completion of an important stage. Petter Krus, the first of the Swedish professors to take up one of the four openings at the Aeronautical Technological Institute (ITA), is finalizing his first major cycle in Brazil in December. Despite revealing that much remains to be done, the researcher leaves behind great strides in the collaboration between the two countries within the aeronautical field (see more in the interview given to this newsletter). read More »

Petter Krus,
Linköping University

Do you consider your mission accomplished?
The mission is never fulfilled, but I think we have made progress in establishing the Swedish-Brazilian collaboration. I think it is important to have some sustained coordinated effort to maintain and benefit from collaboration. I think the full benefit comes in the future when the students who have just become involved will attain leadership positions in universities and the industry. And it will be natural for them to collaborate, since over time they have built solid trust and mutual understanding.
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Dan Hanningson,
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

You've been working with Brazilian researchers at ITA for almost two years. What are their first impressions?
What were the main difficulties when starting academic work in another country? The Brazilian teachers I work with at ITA are extremely competent and very easy to interact with. They have made the process of initiating collaboration exceptionally easy. I've made eight visits to Brazil in the last four years. At the beginning, to identify who to work with, and after the chair started, [I began to carry out] more organized visits to search for common projects. The administrative process in the two countries took some time, but with the help of the CISB, which was always very useful and flexible, there were no major difficulties.
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Ragnar Larsson,
Chalmers University of Technology

One of its biggest challenges in Brazil is to bring its know-how in the mechanics of computational materials, an area not much explored in the country. How do you rate your work so far?
It's going very well. We have activities in progress at ITA in the modeling of structural composite computational failures and in nanocomposites at UFABC. read More »

Thomas Grönstedt,
Chalmers University of Technology

You had a project approved by Finep-Vinnova. Can you tell us more about it (your goals, achievements so far etc.)?
The project is called INFLOPROP and is a collaborative project between ITA, Chalmers, Embraer and GKN [British company considered the world's leading aerospace supplier in multi-level 1 technology]. It analyzes the design of aircraft propellers and especially how these propellers would operate in flow disturbed by layer boundaries generated around the structure of the aircraft. We are developing tier-level ingestion system assessments as well as optimizing geometry based on CFD simulations. read More »

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