Transport and logistics arena

The Transport and Logistics Arena was launched in November 2011 during the 1st CISB Annual Meeting in São Paulo, through a partnership with Sweden's Lindholmen Science Park (LSP) in a workshop to connect actors, discuss the challenges in the area and propose solutions.

The Arena gained strength from CISB's partnership with USP's Centre for Innovation in Logistics and Port Infrastructure (CILIP), which conducted a pre-study in 2013 on the main Brazilian challenges in the sector. From this study, Arena's focus was directed to the challenges of Brazilian ports and maritime logistics, which are areas of CILIP competence and have great synergy with the Gothenburg hub, where the LSP and Chalmers University of Technology, a CISB associate, are located.

To intensify activities, CISB conducted a pre-study in 2015 to map researchers, companies, universities and research institutes active in the field of ports and maritime logistics, as well as government agencies and bodies in the sector. This study was disseminated among the Arena partners and resulted in several activities and or workshops.

With the entry of Volvo Cars in the Transport & Logistics Arena at the end of 2014, space was opened for discussion of new themes and opportunities for collaboration, such as alternative fuels, sustainable materials, vehicle safety and autonomous vehicles.

Learn about the workshops that have already been held in the Arena:

  • Forum on Innovation in Supply Chain 2016
  • Workshop in Autonomous Systems 2016
  • Opportunities in Traffic Safety and Autonomous Vehicles Workshop 2015
  • International Workshop on Green Corridors: European Experience and Brazilian Perspectives 2015
  • Opportunities in Alternatives Biofuel Workshop 2014
  • Opportunities in Maritime Logistics Workshop 2014
  • Port and Maritime Logistics Workshop 2013
  • Transport and Logistic Workshop 2011

Since 2020, as part of the arena activities, CISB has held exclusive Forums with its Members to understand industry challenges and provide an environment that facilitates projects among all members.

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