Aeronautics arena

The Aeronautics Arena was launched in November 2014 during the 4th CISB Annual Meeting, aiming to connect actors, discuss technological challenges, foster a portfolio of projects and pave the creation of a long-term cooperation agenda between the two countries in the sector.

The launch of the Arena was followed by the Composites & Manufacturing Workshop in São Paulo and the 1st Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics at ITA in São José dos Campos. In these initial workshops, the players had the opportunity to meet and discuss solutions to the industry's challenges, as well as to learn about possibilities of government support for bilateral cooperation in construction.

To continue the discussions started in the workshops, CISB launched two parallel calls for proposals to foster innovation, which resulted in 40 one-week international missions between researchers from both countries. From these missions, more than 50 initial ideas evolved to project proposals and started to integrate the Arena's project portfolio.

CISB, as a facilitator of the cooperation and through the support of its members and partners, has developed different tools for the promotion a collaborative environment between Sweden and Brazil.

Know the matchmaking & connection tools that have been used in the Arena and their numbers:

  • Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics: 9 editions and 1510 participants
  • Workshops in thematic areas: 5 in total and 280 participants
  • Study Visits: 7 in total and 94 participants
  • Summit - International Cooperation in Aeronautics: 2 in total and 60 participants
  • International Missions (Sweden or Brazil): 51 in total

Learn more about the Arena's portfolio of R&D projects:

The initial portfolio contemplated 28 bilateral projects in aeronautics and 5 spillovers. These projects sum 28 partner institutions in both countries, some of them participating in more than one project. 14 of these projects have funding and activities in both Brazil and Sweden and 5 were funded in at least one of the countries. Furthermore, part of the project portfolio are 14 researchers from the CNPq-CISB-Saab call for joint projects.

Arena's project portfolio gave a strong support in the creation of a bilateral consortium that were supported by government agencies and became the Brazil-Sweden cooperation portfolio monitored by the High-Level Group in Aeronautics (HLG) since 2015.

Learn about some of the spillovers of the CISB Aeronautics Arena in the report below: