Aeronautics arena

The Aeronautics Arena was launched in November 2014 during the CISB 4th Annual Meeting, with the objective of connecting actors, discussing the main technological challenges, creating a bilateral research network, fostering the creation of a portfolio of projects and pave the creation of a strategic long-term cooperation agenda between the two countries in the sector.

The launch of the Arena was accompanied by the Composites & Manufacturing Workshop in São Paulo and the 1st Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics at ITA in São Jose dos Campos. In these initial workshops, the actors had the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss ideas for solving the industries challenges, end-user and possibilities of government support for bilateral cooperation under construction.

In order to stimulate the continuity of the discussions initiated in the workshops and the assembly of proposals for bilateral projects, CISB launched two innovative calls in parallel that resulted in 40 international missions between researchers from both countries. From these missions, more than 50 ideas were generated, which evolved into project proposals and became part of Arena's project portfolio.

CISB as a facilitator of cooperation and through the support of its members and partners has developed several tools to foster a collaborative environment between Sweden and Brazil.


Learn more about the matchmaking & connection tools that have been used in the Arena and their numbers:

Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics: 8 editions and 1510 participants
Workshops in thematic areas: 5 in total and 280 participants
Study Visits: 7 in total and 94 participants
Summit - International Cooperation in Aeronautics: 2 in total and 60 participants
International Missions (Sweden or Brazil): 51 in total


Learn more about the mobility tools that have been used in the Arena and their numbers:

Joint Calls CNPq-CISB-Saab and or Joint Calls CISB-Saab: 6 in total, 363 applications and 48 projects approved.
Call Senior Internship Abroad: 2 in total, 14 applications and 6 projects approved.

Access the article “Opening the Frontiers of Knowledge” to know the results of the partnership CNPq-CISB-Saab.

» Article “Opening the Frontiers of Knowledge”.


Get to know the Program Swedish Endowed Professor Chair at ITA in Honor of Peter Wallenberg Sr.:

The Swedish Endowed Professor Chair at ITA was launched in March 2015 and made possible the arrival of four important academics from the respective Swedish universities Linköping University, Chalmers University of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology at ITA (Aeronautics Institute of Technology). The program includes joint education, bilateral research, support to the research agenda in aeronautics sector and expansion of cooperation. Due the success of the program, research activities have already expanded to other educational institutions such as Federal University of Santa Catarina, University of São Paulo, USP São Carlos, UNICAMP and Federal University of ABC.

Access the special newsletter of the Professor Chair Program to know its challenges.

» Newsletter “Swedish Endowed Professor Chair at ITA”.

As result, the Program has brought several advances in aeronautical cooperation and has been spreading to other sectors.

Access the reports and special article to know the trajectory and projects of Prof Petter Krus from Linköping University and Prof Dan Henningson from Royal Institute of Technology.

» Special Article “The bridge between Brazil and Sweden” - case Prof. Petter Krus.
» Report “Creating a bridge between Brazil and Sweden” - case Prof. Petter Krus.
» Report “Creating a bridge between Brazil and Sweden” - case Prof Dan Henningson.


Get to know the Arena’s R&D Project Portfolio

The portfolio includes 28 projects in aeronautics and 5 spillovers. Within the projects, 28 institutions of the two countries are partners, some of them participating in more than one project; 14 of these projects have funding and activities in both Brazil and Sweden and 5 have funding on at least one side. Fourteen researchers from the Joint Calls CNPq-CISB-Saab are also part of project portfolio.

The arena's project portfolio has given strong support to the formation of the international consortia of bilateral calls coordinated by the Swedish agency Vinnova with FINEP, SENAI or FAPEMIG. Recently, 4 projects were approved in the FINEP-Vinnova Call, 3 in the SENAI-Vinnova Call and 1 in the FAPEMIG-Vinnova Call.

CISB monitors and disseminates project portfolio results through a variety of tools, such as workshops, newsletters, and special articles, as well as ongoing monitoring of project funding opportunities.

Access the folder “Cooperation Brazil Sweden in Aeronautics” to know the projects of the portfolio.

» Folder “Cooperation Brazil Sweden in Aeronautics”.

Access the report below to know some of the CISB Aeronautics Arena spillovers (Transfer of technology and knowledge):”

» Report Evaluation of Spillover Effects Case CISB Aeronautics Arena.

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