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11th Workshop in Aeronautics Brazil-Sweden
8 November 08:30 – 12:30 Salvador – BA Open to the public Event held in English

This event is the continuation of a series aimed at discussing relevant issues to aeronautics and the structured cooperation between Brazil and Sweden in the sector. It will be attended by government representatives, researchers, experts from major companies and other actors of the triple helix of the two countries.

Participate and learn more about the latest advances in cooperation and new opportunities to collaborate.

Co-organiser: Innovair
Supporter: CISB

4th Sweden Brazil Workshop on AI & Autonomy Collaboration
9 November 14:30 – 18:00 Hybrid: Online & São Paulo – SP Open to the public Event held in English

Artificial Intelligence is a cross-cutting technology and can be applied in various sectors. A CISB’s initiative has been building a community of research and innovation in AI between stakeholders in Brazil and Sweden. The goal is to facilitate connections that generate new partnerships, collaborations and innovations. For this, several activities have been performed, such as missions to Sweden, meetings between companies and startups, mobility of researchers, workshops, among other actions.

The 4th Sweden Brazil Workshop on AI & Autonomy Collaboration will be focused on big data, data science, data analytics & data fusion, data-based business, smart city and C4 systems.

Join us and learn about the opportunities for collaboration and the first results of this initiative, presented by members of the community, in the different sectors.

Organiser: CISB
Co-organisers: SwedCham
Supporters: Linköping University, Saab and Ericsson

3SP Strategic meeting
16 November 10:00 – 16:00 São Paulo – SP By invitation Event held in English

Technologies and solutions developed for the aeronautical sector often operate in a transversal way, permeating other areas and economic sectors.

This event will present a framework, which at first was developed for the aeronautical sector, but has a great potential of transfer to the health area in Artificial Intelligence.

Organisers: KTH and Karolinska Institute
Co-organiser: CISB

Building resilient cities to address climate change
17 November 10:30 Online Open to the public Event held in English

Technological innovation can help improve the resilience of cities to guarantee prosperity. This seminar will discuss strategies for cities to protect critical infrastructure from disasters and increasing pressures caused by climate changes. The seminar is organized by Swedish and Brazilian partners as part of the project Smart City Concepts.

Organisers: UTFPR, Chalmers, KTH, UFPR and others
Partner: CISB

3º Webinar Online de Convergência Tecnológica para o Setor Aeroespacial
17 November 09:00 – 12:00 Online Open to the public Event held in English

The 3rd Online Workshop on Technological Convergence in Santa Catarina for the Aerospace Sector and this year with the themes:
- Difference in Practice between Pocket, Cube and Mini satellites.
- The Future of Urban Aerial Mobility in Brazil.

This event will bring together the triple helix and people who want to understand the relevance that aerospace has in everyday life and how this impacts the other sectors.

Organisers: SC2C.Aero and UFSC
Partner: CISB

Webinar: Grants for researchers and startups
18 November 10:30 Online Open to the public Event held in Portuguese

In this event, CISB will present the new Call for Brazilian AI researchers and or startups focused on AI, which is offering travel grants and opportunities to get to know Sweden's innovation ecosystem, connection with prominent researchers, initiate contact with large corporates and or development of ongoing partnerships.

Organisers: CISB
Partners: CNPq and Saab

WIEFP 2022
22-23 November Hybrid: Online & São Paulo – SP Open to the public Event held in English

In the last 10 years, the Workshop on Innovative Engineering for Fluid Power has been the main workshop held in Brazil focused on the interaction of industry and academia related to technology, innovation and research management in fluid power.

In its 6th edition, researchers, academics and company representatives will present research results, new products, solutions to technical challenges and case studies related to fluid power technology and other related systems.

Organisers: UFSC, LiU, UFABC, ABIMAQ and CISB

Webinar: 8th Joint Call CNPq CISB Saab
24 November 10:30 Online Open to the public Event held in English

Since 2012, CISB, CNPq and Saab have had a strategic partnership in the development of international collaboration in the field of scientific and technological research, through the launch of calls for projects and funding of scholarship in Sweden.

In this webinar, learn about the 8th Call for Projects of this partnership, aimed at researchers interested in sandwich doctorate and post-doctoral fellowships in Sweden, and in carrying out their research projects together with Swedish industry and academia.

Organiser: CISB
Partners: CNPq and Saab

3rd SARC BARINet Workshop, SBAW 2022
24-25 November 10:30 Online By invitation Event held in English

The SBAW-2022 is jointly organized by the Swedish Aerospace Research Center, SARC, which is a body formed by Swedish universities active in this field, and the Brazilian Aerospace Research Network, BARINet, which is a corresponding Brazilian network of universities.

The SBAW-2022 is an opportunity to bring together active researchers, professors, postgraduate students, and engineers, working in the field of aerospace, to present and discuss new ideas. In this meeting there will be an emphasis on presentations from PhD-students, and active researchers, to build and strengthen networks within the younger generation. This is the third installation of the workshop following the success of the first one held in Nov 2020 and 2021.

Organisers: SARC and BARINet
Partner: CISB