bol29 mat03A meeting at ITA rallied professors involved with the chairs programme jointly organised by the CISB, Saab, and Innovair three years ago. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to present the results of this initiative and discuss programme sustainability.

bol29 mat05CISB opened a call for innovative aimed at technology-based Brazilian startups to visit Sweden, learn about the country's innovation model, and boost their internationalisation.

bol29 not01They competed with hundreds of subscribers from all over Brazil, overcame numerous difficulties, won the regional stages, and, for 24 hours, brainstormed, discussed, and developed ideas. In the Scania marathon of innovation and logistics, the Inovathon Logistics Challenge, the team of Manaus (AM) won first place in the grand final, held on the weekends of 30/9 and 1/10.

bol29 mat06A project for a human-powered aircraft reaches the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia to increase involvement of mechanical engineering students. CISB participated in the initiative by providing all the institutional support. 

This project proposes to explore a bio-based circular recovery model for sustainable urban economies using the city of Curitiba as a starting point and aiming at theoretical and applied results.