New opportunities for Brazil

In October 2017, Linköping University (LiU) took a step further to strengthen its partnerships with different countries around the globe. That same month, the Strategic Collaborations Office opened its doors with a team of seven people, all reassigned from other areas of the university, to work full time on strategic partnerships.

A front of the Office is strategic geographical areas for international cooperation. One coordinator takes care of China and part of Asia, other one coordinates Africa focused on South-African collaborations and Brazil and Latin America is coordinated by Angela Sanseverino from Brazil, since May 2018.  "Brazil is a strong partner because it already has strong collaborations with strategic partners of LiU itself," she says. As an example, she mentions the mobility programs for students and professors, and strategic partnerships with enterprises such as Saab AB, CISB, and Brazilian research institutes and funding organizations.

In addition to the aeronautical field, Angela highlights the areas of business and innovation, new technologies, transport and sustainability. Brazilian researchers of these fields have been visiting LiU. "There are students and researchers exchange in social, economic and geopolitical sciences, oriented toward climate policies, environmental issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, technological innovation, engineering, international policy to mitigate the effects of climate change, and many others," she adds.

The idea is to move forward and attract more researchers from all over the world in various areas of knowledge and innovation. "Sweden has a development model structured like a triple helix that can significantly attract Brazilian researchers who want to broaden their knowledge and build mutual collaboration. These collaborations create fruitful partnerships and mutual benefits for both countries. We want to continue consolidating and supporting strategic partners and adding more people, more researchers and institutions to these areas," she says.