CISB offers a unique opportunity for Brazilian Executives and key experts within the Aeronautical & Defense sector and Innovation Managers to interact with some of the main Swedish innovation actors.

Date: November 5th - 9th
Location: Sweden

More informations: cisb.org.br/oilw/

Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks 2018
Date: November 19th - 30th
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

More informations: inovacaosueciabrasil.com.br

icas2018 The WIEFP is a Swedish-Brazilian initiative started in 2012. It is a successful meeting between industry and academy in the field of fluid power, mechatronics and control systems. The aim is to promote collaboration in development of technologies, education, innovation management, and methods and tools for hydraulic and pneumatic system development and design.
Date: November 28th - 30th
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

More informations: laship.ufsc.br/site/wiefp2018

Workshop Carbon-Based Polymeric NanocompositesThe workshop will share current ideas, recent trends and developments on carbon based polymeric Nanocomposites. It is an initiative of CISB, Chalmers University of Technogy, Federal University of ABC and Saab AB.
Date: November 21st
Location: Santo André, Brazil

More informations: cisb.org.br/annualmeeting

8th CISB Annual MeetingCISB is an innovation platform that promotes a yearly meeting which offers a unique opportunity to connect actors, create bridges, foster collaboration, catalysing initiatives and strengthen the innovation & research network between countries. For this year activities will take place in the following cities: Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Bernardo do Campo, São José dos Campos and São Paulo. Please take a look in the agenda for complete information.

Location: Brazil

More informations: cisb.org.br/annualmeeting/