7th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics
The workshop is part of a long-term strategy for close cooperation in aeronautical innovation between Brazil and Sweden involving top-level representatives from government, industry and academia in both countries
Date: 10th October, 2019
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

More informations: coming soon

Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks 2018
Date: 7th - 11th October, 2019
Location: Sweden
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The course, arranged by the Swedish Aeronautics Research Center (SARC) and taught by Daniel P. Raymer (USA), is targeted to both doctoral students and enterprises from Brazil and Sweden in the aeronautical sector. It offers a broad overview of the entire subject of Aircraft Conceptual Design in an integrated, cohesive, and enjoyable set of lectures. All required theoretical methods are covered in the course, but the biggest strength of the course is that it provides a "real-world" insight into the actual practice of aircraft design.

Date: March 18 - 22, 2019
Location: Florianopolis, Brazil

More informations: http://www.sarc.center/ and http://sc2c.ufsc.br/2019/01/30/curso-de-projeto-de-aeronaves-com-daniel-p-raymer/

OILW is a one-week program in 3 cities of Sweden, in which the Brazilian community has the opportunity to interact with some of the key actors from the Swedish Innovation System, known for being one of the most innovative countries in the world, and start connection with potential partners.

Date: 4th - 8th November, 2019
Location: Stockholm, Linköping and Gothenburg

More informations: cisb.org.br/oilw

Anpei Conference 2018The ANPEI Conference of Innovation 2018, with the theme “New Levers of Value Creation”, intends to debate the innovation ecosystem development and strengthening in front of the last socioeconomics changes based on 4 perspectives: technology, customer, enterprise and ecosystem.
Date: August 14th - 16th
Location: Gramado, Brazil

More informations: www.conferenciaanpei.org.br