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Newsletter CISB - ediTION 38 - APRIL, 2020

New horizons for CISB

A new and challenging scenario has been designed since March for our entire society. In order to continue the cooperation events and projects between Brazil and Sweden, CISB moved quickly towards the implementation of a digital innovation platform. read more »

Collaboration and developments put into practice

Long-term and sustainable projects tend to have one characteristic in common: they arise from a solid base and only begin expanding when there is certainty as to the paths to be followed. That was how the PreLafloDeS pre-project culminated in LaFloDeS. Read more »

New rewards of the CISB and Ignite Sweden partnership

CISB's strategic partnership with the Ignite Sweden platform is reaping many rewards in 2020. The Sweden Brazil Startup Week will take place in Brazil as part of the Sweden Brazil Innovation Initiative (SBII).
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Sweden Brazil Innovation Initiative

One of the few certainties in the world to come is that the need for innovation and collaboration will be greater than ever. In different areas, the challenges will arise leading humanity on a path of knowledge exchange in pursuit of common goals.
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agenda 2020

28 APril
Workshop online: Chamada Embrapii-Vinnova - Cooperação Brazil Suécia | online

20 mAY
Sweden Brazil Startup Matchday | online

5 - 7 AUGUST
ANPEI Conference of Innovation | campinas, Brazil

Sweden Brazil Startup Week | são paulo, Brazil

Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks | Brazil

CISB 10th Annual Meeting | Brazil

9th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics | São José dos Campos, Brazil

12 - 13 NOVEMBER (t.b.c.)
SARC BARINet Workshop | São José dos Campos, Brazil

12 NOVEMBER (t.b.c)
II Seminar in Space | São José dos Campos, Brazil

November (t.b.d)
5th WIEFP | Abimaq - São Paulo, Brazil

Women in Science, Technology & Innovation

In this issue we bring an exclusive interview with Dr Linnea Selegard, Material Engineer at Saab AB and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Linköping University, and responsible for conducting joint research with Brazil in the field of materials.
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Member's News

Collaborative Network of Projects and Manufacturing for IEP, Ventilators and Respirators - COVID-19
The network was born from the need to accelerate the various initiatives of regional actors in the Brazilian Innovation Ecosystem, connecting volunteer professionals and their institutions in this joint effort of the technical-scientific and industrial innovation community. read more »

Call for proposals Vinnova-Embrapii
EMBRAPII and VINNOVA are receiving proposals for joint RD&I projects between Brazilian and Swedish actors in any area of knowledge . read more »

CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), MCTIC (Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication) and the Ministry of Health will allocate 50 million Brazilian reais for research on the coronavirus. The studies must be aligned with the following themes: Treatment, Vaccines, Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Natural History of the Disease, Disease Burden, Health Care and Prevention and Control. The deadline for application is 27 April. read more »

Coronavirus solutions: CNI, SENAI, SESI and IEL
Check out all the news related to the industry and care to reduce risks in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic . read more »

Coronavirus solutions: Embrapii
Embrapii (Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company) has been adopting several measures and creating new solutions against the coronavirus pandemic, such us a new contact channel for projects against the new virus and the development of a new equipment capable of cleaning contaminated air in field hospitals . read more »

New Members

Vale S.A. is a Brazilian multinational corporation engaged in metals and mining and one of the largest logistics operators in Brazil. The Company is the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world.
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Volvo Technology AB is part of Volvo Group, and provides research and development for the parent organization. The Company offers telematics, logistics, ergonomics, electronics, combustion and mechanics through the use of simulation, modelling, and systems engineering. Volvo Technology conducts operations in Sweden and internationally.
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