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Newsletter CISB - ediTION 35 - MARCH, 2019


In September, CISB will promote a new edition of the Open Innovation Learning Week in Sweden, in which interested parties will be able to get a closer look at the secrets that make the Scandinavian country one of the most innovative in the world. read more »

The results of a strong partnership

A study carried out by the CISB demonstrates the decisive role of the entity's initiatives in the creation of new projects, generation of spillover between sectors and research networks formation.
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Brazil-Sweden cooperation creates radar technology for dense forests

The CISB brokered another important project in the aerospace sector, joining the Aeronautical Technological Institute (ITA), Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) and the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). Read more »

Industrial collaboration worth copying

A Linköping University article – Aline Kraemer and Marcelo Costa are Brazilian guest researchers at the Division of Automatic Control at Linköping University. Their six-month visit will come to an end in a few weeks’ time. As they travel home, they take with them memories, insights and ideas about new ways of working. read more »

New CISB member: Blekinge Institute of Technology

The Swedish university Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) become a new CISB member. The proposal is to establish student exchange and expand the cooperation with Brazilian institutions to other sectors.
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New CISB member: AEL Sistemas

AEL System is a new CISB member. The membership aims to promote new collaborations with other associates who already work with R&D. Read more »

agenda 2019

March 18-22, 2019
SARC.Academy: 5-Day Conceptual Aircraft Design Course | Florianopolis, Brazil

MAY 16-17, 2019
2nd SC2C.Aero Annual Workshop | Florianopolis, Brazil

JUNE 17-19, 2019
Interdisciplinary Conference IDEAS 2019 | Manaus, Brazil

AUGUST 12-16, 2019
Open Innovation Learning Week (OILW) in Brazil | Brazil

SEPTEMBER 2-6, 2019
Open Innovation Learning Week (OILW) in Sweden | SWEDEN

SEPTEMBER 16-27, 2019
Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks | Brazil

SEPTEMBER 16-27, 2019
CISB 9th Annual Meeting | Brazil

2nd Workshop on Swedish Professor Chair Program at ITA | São José dos Campos, Brazil

SEPTEMBER 8-9, 2019
FT 2019: Aerospace Technology Congress | Stockholm, SWEDEN

OCTOBER 10, 2019
8th Brazilian-Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics | Stockholm, SWEDEN

OCTOBER 7-11, 2019
2nd Brazil Sweden Innovation Week | SWEDEN

Women in Science, Technology & Innovation

Now the CISB newsletter has a new session: Women in Science, Technology & Innovation. Each edition will feature an exclusive interview with great women from the world of Science and Innovation. Inaugurating the session, we present Alessandra Holmo, Material Engineer and current CISB Managing Director. read more »

Member's News

Collaboration between Sweden and Brazil aims to create a bio-based circular model for sustainable urban economies
One of the pressing challenges faced by urban areas is related to solid waste management. Approximately 70% of the global waste is generated in cities. A significant share of this waste is organic, and can be part of an overall circular cycle. read more »

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