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Newsletter CISB - ediTION 29 - DecEMBER, 2017

With an eye on research

The many accomplishments of the 7th CISB Annual Meeting included a schedule of visits by professor Ragnar Larsson to Brazil. Full professor at the Chalmers University of Technology, the professor got a first-hand view of the research being conducted at a number of Brazilian universities in the area of graphene. read More »

A bit of Sweden in Brazil

Event held at PUC-Rio brought together representatives from industry, academy and government, providing a unique opportunity for dialogue and greater insight into the Swedish triple helix approach in Sweden .
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Presenting achievements

A meeting at ITA rallied professors involved with the chairs programme jointly organised by the CISB, Saab, and Innovair three years ago. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to present the results of this initiative and discuss programme sustainability.
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Success Program

Participants of the Immersion Program organized by MEI and CISB tell us about their discoveries during their visits to Sweden and reveal the lessons they hope to apply to their business. read More »

Strengthening innovation

CISB opened a call for innovative aimed at technology-based Brazilian startups to visit Sweden, learn about the country's innovation model, and boost their internationalisation. read More »

Taking flight

A project for a human-powered aircraft reaches the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia to increase involvement of mechanical engineering students. CISB participated in the initiative by providing all the institutional support. read More »

next events

MARCH 6-8, 2018
13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop, Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control | Paraty, Brazil | read More »

SEPTEMBER 9-14, 2018
ICAS 2018 | Belo Horizonte, Brazil | read More »


Member's News

Amazonian team awarded first prize at 2017 Inovathon
They competed with hundreds of subscribers from all over Brazil, overcame numerous difficulties, won the regional stages, and, for 24 hours, brainstormed, discussed, and developed ideas. In the Scania marathon of innovation and logistics, the Inovathon Logistics Challenge, the team of Manaus (AM) won first place in the grand final... read more »

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the city of Curitiba for a sustainable development
This project proposes to explore a bio-based circular recovery model for sustainable urban economies using the city of Curitiba as a starting point and aiming at theoretical and applied results. read More »

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