Transport and logistics arena

The Transport and Logistics Arena was launched in November 2011 during the 1st CISB Annual Meeting with a partnership with the Lindholmen Science Park (LSP) in Sweden in a workshop to connect partners, discuss challenges for the area and propose solutions.

The arena took off with the partnership between CISB and the Centre of Innovation in Port Logistics and Infrastructure – CILIP/USP that performed a study in August 2013 about the main challenges faced by the sector in Brazil. After this the focus was directed to the challenges of ports and maritime logistics in Brazil. These are areas related to CILIP/USP that have synergy with the Gothenburg hub where LSP and Chalmers University (CISB member) are located.

To increase CISB’s research network a study was performed in 2015 to map researchers, companies, universities, and research institutes that work in the area, including government agencies responsible for ports and maritime logistics. The entire knowledge acquired was then disseminated to the arena’s partners.

With the participation of Volvo Cars as from the end of 2014, a space was created to discuss new themes and collaboration opportunities, such as alternative fuel and traffic safety as well as autonomous vehicles.

Find out about the workshops that have been done in the arena to promote the interaction of relevant players:

- Transport and Logistic Workshop 2011
- Port and Maritime Logistics Workshop 2013
- Opportunities in Maritime Logistics Workshop 2014
- Opportunities in Alternatives Biofuel Workshop 2014
- International Workshop on Green Corridors European Experience and Brazilian Perspectives 2015
- Opportunities in Traffic Safety And Autonomous Vehicles Workshop 2015

Another constant activity in the arena is the realization of virtual meetings with leaders and partners to guarantee the on going discussion of ideas and project generation, besides stimulating the creation of new proposals.

Currently, the Transport and Logistics Arena is formed by lots of partners and projects. To find out more about them, click here to send us a message.